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Hi, my name is Adit. First let me tell you who I am. I’m a firm believer in investing in people over things, so it’s important I introduce myself. I am a student with a passion for the markets. I am educated by a former hedge fund portfolio manager. Last year, I spent a year under the guidance of a portfolio manger with $20m+ under the current management. I’m recommended by the adjunct Professor of Finance at NYU as well as other traders, which you can email me about at adit@whitepagefund.com for any questions or the full letters of recommendation. I also was a top ten winner of the international stock market game generating ~50% return in under 3 months with my strategy. I won once again this year at the international competition in the stock market this year generating a 202% return shorting overvalued biotech stocks and winning 2nd place internationally overall for my strategy presentation. When I initially discovered my short squeeze strategy, I generated an overall 1000% return in under 10 months. I specialize in trading small caps and short squeezes, but I have also completed a three month mentorship/understudy in large cap options trading from one of the top traders on many platforms, so I know about that as well. I have received my Bloomberg certification and I’m slowly learning about more trading strategies, including fundamental and futures trading. I have decided to start a newsletter to share my setups and ideas, in exchange for less than a cup of coffee per week.

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If you have any questions, DM me @tradelikehulk on Twitter or email me at adit@whitepagefund.com!

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Adit Dayal.

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